Thursday, December 4, 2014

Big dig

We’ve started thinking about archaeology!! 2nd 3rd and 4th graders are exploring what types of objects archaeologists search for, where their laboratories are, and what tools they use. In investigations we’ve learned that archaeology involves a whole lot of careful detective work. Archaeologists are scientists who use ancient material as evidence, to infer human behavior and human activity that occurred many years ago. We’ve looked at a tool kit used by archaeologists and discussed the elaborate protocol that is undertaken in setting up a field survey and dig site. We’ve imagined what archaeologists might conclude about our classroom and students if our school itself was a dig site! Students are thinking about what objects get left behind, how scientists catalog artifacts, and how they use technology to date the objects that they find. We are learning how to keep careful records in our notebooks and thinking like budding archaeologists. Students completed an archaeological investigation of a grave site, using diagrams and cataloging techniques. We are realizing that burial sites provide a human connection to the past and reveal the culture of ancient people. We have learned about the original settlers of Lincoln, MA, not only their family names but in many cases, their cause of death, age, hobbies, wealth, ancestry, and history.

We have a professional archaeologist coming to visit in December!

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