Friday, September 5, 2014

Silk Road Begins

First week back at school was a huge success. After a full summer of curriculum planning and school renovation we feel ready for another fantastic year. Happily our student number continues to grow and our eager explorers make teaching science an absolute treat. The start of the year began again with eggs. This time we are investigating the silk moth life cycle. Our K/1 classroom and our combined 2nd, 3rd,& 4th-grade classroom each had a batch of 50 eggs.

2nd grader
I was relieved to find that the eggs began to hatch just as students arrived on the first day of school. Some of us even glimpsed a few critters emerge from their egg cases (see hours-old larvae enjoying fresh mulberry leaves in video).

The students soon began their observational drawings of the tiny silkworms and measured the lengths to be about 1/4 cm.

As the students use their science notebooks they will track the morphological changes of the larvae and document observations over the next month.

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