Monday, January 13, 2014

Wet Pet, Your Pet

A gorgeous warrior fish is the newest member to join our classroom. Kindergartners spent some time getting to know him last week. While making observations about his movements and behavior, they happily made suggestions for the name he should be given. Kindergartners noted that our fish is sometimes swimming in one spot near the surface while other times he can be found resting near the bottom in the rocks.

Therefore one suggested, "He should be named Rocky!"

Another Kindergartner felt the name "Rainbow" best suited him,  she said, "The sun shining through makes him change color."

They pointed out that he has two small fins near his gills that always move very quickly but that his tail doesn't move much while he is resting in one spot.

Students made some beautiful Betta fish drawings as they continued to debate names.

Regardless of the final name, they all seem to agree that the best part of taking care of their new classroom pet is when they are able to feed him his daily allotment of 3 freeze-dried bloodworms!

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